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Thought leadership

Natural born thinkers podcast

The Natural Born Thinkers podcast explores the stories and techniques of creatives and creative problem solvers to expose the secret sauce of creativity.

The mission of the podcast is to provide a perspective on how we can live a life that enables us to more readily and confidently draw upon our natural ability to think differently!

Please click on the links below to listen to the Natural Born Thinkers guests:

  • May 3 2021

    Chris Martin

    Olympic and National Swimming Coach

    “Mastering the mind for creative performance” Our body can be unconsciously wired to perform the way we have trained it to but hours of hard work can be undone where we are not able to conquer the thoughts and emotions that flood our conscious mind.

    Listen to podcast Chris Martin
  • May 3 2021

    Mallory Combemale

    Co-founder of The Inheritance Project

    “Discover your creative inheritance” What if you could use the stories of your past to better understand your creative thinking potential?

    Listen to podcast Mallory Combemale
  • May 3 2021

    Naomi Bagdonas

    Author, entrepreneur and Stanford lecturer

    “Humour can help unlock your creative potential…seriously!” What if laughing more could increase your creative capacity?

    Listen to podcast Naomi Bagdonas