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The Services We Provideā€¦



Strategic Problem-Solving Experiences for Businesses:


A carefully curated single or multi-day experience to help teams accelerate thinking on their biggest business challenges.   


Events are designed collaboratively to create an experience that is best suited to the challenge and the people needed to solve it.


Natural Born Thinkers can support the following situations:

  • "I have a big messy challenge, no-one is aligned around what the problem is, we need a creative solution to solve it and we need to act now!"
  • "I have a big messy challenge but to solve it, we need to shake things up, step outside of our comfort zones and explore new opportunities!"
  • "I have a big summit event on the horizon and would like to create an experience rather than a traditional agenda format."

The types of challenge we can help with


Product & Customer Experience Innovation

i.e., How can we innovate our product / customer experience to meet changing market demand?


Business Transformation

i.e., How can we improve business operations to increase performance?


Business Strategy Design & Refresh

i.e., What strategy do we need to win in the market?


Visioning & Alignment

i.e., “What is our business vision in this new market environment and how can we engage and mobilize our employees to support it?”


Future Design & Scenario Planning

i.e., “What will the future market look like and what should we do now to prepare?”



Business Start-up Accelerators

A package of conversations designed to help early-stage entrepreneurs express and define their business start-up concepts. Natural Born Thinkers will work with individuals to:

  • Help them define the challenge they are trying to solve
  • Facilitate ideation sessions to identify & evolve business opportunities to solve it
  • Support the development of a high-level business overview to support next stage communications

Conversations can be held in person or virtually for business founder executive teams.


The Approach We Take To Solving Problems

Natural Born Thinkers design experiences, informed by neuroscience and teaming behaviours, to help unlock each individual's natural thinking potential. Expert facilitation is used to engage all voices in the room, enable team connection and alignment.

How we do it

Natural Born Thinkers experiences are conducted in 3 key stages:


The first step to developing any Natural Born Thinkers experience is to work with the “problem custodian” to better understand the challenge at hand and identify the team of problem solvers needed for the event. 


Once the challenge has been defined, the experience is created in collaboration with the client team.  Design work will include some form of inside and outside organization research (i.e., stakeholder interviews and high-level market research), immersive questioning and ideation activity design, as well as session material development.


Natural Born Thinkers facilitates and produces the full in-room experience.  High-level session reports of key session outputs are typically delivered within 10 working days after the event.

Problem Solving Environment


Natural Born Thinkers recommends that experiences are hosted in-person and off-site, in a fresh and human environment that naturally stimulates new thinking. Natural Born Thinkers helps to secure an original venue that is relevant to the challenge and that will inspire & delight participants.


Natural Born Thinkers facilitates conversations using a diverse range of techniques to help engage instinctive and natural thinking capabilities i.e., traditional communication methods, immersive experiences, gamification, art and sensory based activities.  Technology is used where it makes sense to do so.


Natural Born Thinkers is committed to using eco-design and recyclable materials and seeks to carbon offset event-associated travel wherever possible.