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To help individuals, businesses and communities unleash their potential to think differently!


To accelerate more impactful outcomes for business and start-up challenges.

The services we offer include:


A carefully curated single or multi-day experience to help teams accelerate thinking on their biggest business challenges. 

Events are designed collaboratively to create an experience that is best suited to the challenge and the people needed to solve it.

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A package of conversations designed to help early stage entrepreneurs express and define their start-up concepts.

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Natural Born Thinkers Values

Natural Born Thinkers experiences embrace the following key values:

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    To play is to be human.  It is how we learnt as children and it is what enables us to develop, connect and create as adults.  Engaging a state of play helps us to better embrace the unknown and unlock our potential to think differently.

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    To really SEE the problem we are facing, we must embrace a scientist's mindset, where everything is interesting and nothing is as it seems.  Our assumptions can blind us from what is really there.

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    We need to ask lots of different questions to build a deeper understanding of a challenge and to trigger new sources of inspiration.  The art of problem solving is as much the questions you ask, as the answers you generate!

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    To successfully navigate a messy challenge, you must be willing to look in new places, physically try new things and be open to new voices.

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    To generate new ideas, we need to make new and dynamic connections across both our own and other's knowledge and experiences.  The complexity and individuality of our brains provides infinite thinking potential.

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    To bring out our unique thinking potential, we must be in tune with and act upon our instincts. Listening to our own authentic voice and embracing the voices of others is key!




Natural Born Thinkers believes that we are all born to think differently.  A study has shown that no two people have the same brain anatomy.  Our minds are shaped by our unique sets of knowledge, experience, beliefs and motivations. This information is stored in our brains across countless numbers of neural circuits, creating a neural landscape which is completely unique to us.  



Creativity comes when we connect new information with something that we already know, sparking a new neural network and forming a new thought.  As the saying goes, “Neurons that fire together, wire together!”  The more new and dynamic connections we can make across the billions of neurons in our mind, the more potential we have to develop fresh insights and ideas.



This all sounds easy, right?  Yet, there is an added complication…as humans, we tend to strive for efficiency and over time, we get comfortable with our preferred thinking patterns.  This can make it difficult for us to fluently create new neural connections.  For some, this seemingly “messy” way of thinking comes easily, for others, we need a little help in making these connections and having the confidence to share the thoughts we create.



Natural Born Thinkers is committed to creating experiences that provide the space and techniques necessary to stimulate people’s natural thinking potential. Facilitation techniques are used to engage, connect and align all the voices in the room to maximize the diversity of thinking and to help accelerate next steps.



Sam has led the design and delivery of over 100 creative problem experiences for the Executive teams of some of  the world’s largest organisations. She has worked across industries including pharmaceuticals, health care, banking, insurance, manufacturing, technology and FMCG clients.  She has lived and worked in both the US and UK and has experience facilitating all over the world.

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