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May 3 2021

Natural born thinkers podcast

Dr Clive Oppenheimer

Volcanologist, author and movie maker

“When science and art collide”

It is not often that you meet a successful scientist, author and Hollywood movie maker all in one person and when you do, you wonder, how on earth did they do it!

In this podcast I talk to professor Clive Oppenheimer who has successfully navigated both the scientific and artistic world.  Clive shares the key tools in his tool kit to unlock creative thinking including an insatiable curiosity, a keen eye for observation and the power of writing things down!

Clive’s story shows how deep knowledge can open up new opportunities if you have the courage to play with it in new environments.

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  • May 3 2021

    Dr Parmvir Bahia

    Neuroscientist, science communicator and entrepreneur

    “Science is creativity!” There is a natural tendency to associate the word “creativity” more readily with art than science, but actually, creativity is equally relevant and critical to the scientific world!

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  • May 3 2021

    Chris Ertel

    Author and Management Consultant

    “Create shared learning experiences to unlock thinking potential!” How often have you participated in a meeting with far too many people in it, an agenda as long as your arm and no break in sight! In these environments, the chances of having your best ideas are slim. But what if meetings didn’t always have to be this way?

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