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You have the potential to have an idea that no-one else can. 

No two brains are exactly the same as our neural landscape is architected by both our genetics and life experiences. 

The architecture of our mind consists of countless numbers of neural circuits and connections that are formed by the billions of neurons that we have in our mind.

While our genes provide the basic blueprint, it is our lived experiences and environment that create a neural landscape that is unique to us. 

New neural networks can be created when a neuron is fired and “excites its neighbours and they in turn fire up others.”*  This is what happens when we have an idea!

Ideas are created when new information sparks an existing neuron, causing potentially millions of neural circuits to work together in a new way and create a new thought.

Think of your mind as a kaleidoscope of memory, skill, knowledge and beliefs and imagine the infinite number of patterns you can make by combining this experience in new and dynamic ways.

Our individual life experiences provide a well of unique thinking potential and the better you can become at creating new and dynamic connections across your mind’s neural network, the more potential you have to form ideas that are unique to you.

At Natural Born Thinkers we are not scientists, but, from our research, the science suggests we are all born to think differently!

So, if you are looking for some creative resolution on a challenge you are facing today, trigger your unique thinking potential with a simple question, “What does this situation remind me of?” 

Or, why not take a sense based approach, listen to the very first CD that you bought or taste a food from a time gone by to stir up the memory bank!


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