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“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  

This is one of my all-time favourite quotes.  

I was explaining what I do for a living last night at a drinks party.  Some of the table guests already started to cringe and dismiss the tricks, techniques and experiences I have used in the past to help people think differently.  I could visibly see people shutting themselves firmly away in their comfort zones, locking the door with their beliefs and judgements about what normal looks like!

I recently read a couple of articles that shared when an athlete performs in their comfort zone, it can lead to a mediocre or sub-optimal performance.  The very best athletes are those that continue to move the bar on what their comfort zone is to find “THE ZONE”, the one where they achieve their peak performance!*

As an ex-international athlete, I have always tended to challenge my comfort zone to find my best in whatever situation I am in.  Not everyone prefers to live this way and I will admit, when it comes to the clothes I wear, I remain firmly in my comfort zone…a pair of a leggings and a sweater!

The good news is the comfort zone is well, comfortable.  You can relax, you know the ins and outs you can settle into a groove and feel safe there.  Your brain gets used to how it is required to think in this environment and performs the habitual activities efficiently and effectively as it gets used to and proficient at what it needs to do.

However, when it comes to solving your biggest challenges creatively, sitting in the comfort zone is unlikely to be the place where the magic is going to happen!  Some of the challenges we face require us to think differently and beyond our brain’s preferred thinking patterns.

When you are pushed outside of the comfort zone for problem solving purposes, you are forced to physically try new things, take on board new information and play in new environments.  If it’s done right, you don’t have time to allow the judgments and beliefs of your conscious mind get in the way.  You are gently pushed to apply and adapt what you already know in order to make new connections and combinations to thrive in the changed environment.  

As a result, the discomfort zone becomes a fertile ground for fresh ideas as you have no choice but to think differently!

Of course, there is a balance to strike in pushing beyond your comfort zone.  It should in no way be dangerous or damaging, but instead be set at an attainable level which feels unnerving yet doable.  Ultimately, each time we break our comfort zone, the more we come to learn about ourselves, what what we are good at, what we love, what we are afraid of and what we are capable of!  
The challenge is, you are unlikely to know what this could look like if you are not willing to adventure into the uncomfortable.  

If you are working to solve a big challenge and are looking for some inspiration, why not safely try an activity that feels uncomfortable or unusual to do in a traditional business environment. For example, go to a museum in the middle of the day with your team, write a song about what the future could look like, physically paint a picture of the situation you are in or design a treasure hunt looking for clues related to the challenge you face.  


If you want ideas that are beyond the norm, you have to be prepared to step outside your norm to find them!