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Our brains are uniquely wired by our genetics and individual life experiences.  Researchers from the University of Zurich found that just like a fingerprint, our brain anatomy is unique to us.  From this perspective, we all have the natural born ability to think differently, but the challenge can be knowing how to activate this potential and believing that we can!

Ideas arise when new information sparks and connects with something that already exists in our mind, creating a new thought.  What happens to this thought after its formed is a whole set of other brain processes, but for me, just knowing this is eye opening! 

The knowledge, experiences and memories we already have in our brains can act as a well of creative thinking potential.  The team at Inheritance Project would call this our “inheritance”, the accumulation of our unique life stories that have shaped who we are.

The better we can get at making new and dynamic neural networks in our mind, connecting new information with what we already know, the more opportunity we to think differently.  The better we get at listening to and connecting with the stories of others, the more diverse and infinite this thinking opportunity becomes!

Listen to my podcast with Mallory Combemale, co-founder of Inheritance Project, to learn more about the idea of “inheritance” and how it can help you understand yourself and be a source of creative opportunity for both you and your team!